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Our automation scaled across tens of thousands of files has allowed us to achieve economies of scale never before achieved by a docketing provider.
all docketing done in the U.S.
All of our docketing is completed by docketing experts who are located in the United States.  This means no more off-shore calls in the middle of the night to talk to your team!
Low Cost
Automation has allowed us to replace unreliable and expensive human labor with infinitely scalable computer-based processing.  Our prices cannot be matched even by off-shore labor.
About Your Host
Tom Marlow
chief technical officer
Thomas Marlow is the Chief Technical Officer of Black Hills IP, LLC.  Tom is a BSEE who started his career in private practice at a large prosecution boutique.  Subsequently he served as Chief Patent Counsel of Fairchild Semiconductor where he lead its worldwide patent program.  Tom joined Black Hills IP in 2013 and leads its product development team.
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